Read the Vermont Department of Labor Decision, finding that the current State’s Attorney forced me out — on Christmas day — “not for misconduct,” but for complying with my legal obligations to a defendant by “disclosing information [I] felt was pertinent to a case.”  The current State’s Attorney did not appeal the decision and the decision is final.

Read the 2013 Office of Disciplinary Counsel Decision that “did not find evidence of unethical conduct” in my testimony in 2010, about what I had done or not done in a pro bono murder case ten years earlier, in 2000. You can also read about the extraordinary work I did in that pro bono case, including discovering new evidence that the “star” witness for the prosecution gave a dying declaration to a nurse in a hospital, declaring that he — and not my client — had murdered the victim.

Read the truth about who I really am and my long history of standing up for justice for all. Read the news story for the ABA award.

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